[n. Stu-World-Media]

StuWorld Media, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a proud partner of Cre8 Hospitality. StuWorld Media is a premier video production company that enables organizations to effortlessly create, manage, and maintain video. With over 25 years of combined experience, our award winning team will provide all necessary personnel and equipment to produce a first class video production.


Our mission is to create excitement about the power of video and to provide the very best value for our customers through every step of the process.


Every day we...
  • Learn something new. We challenge ourselves to master the latest technology in our constantly changing field.
  • Ask ‘what if…?’ With every project we push creativity and excitement.
  • Nurture growth. We grow our business by growing our customers' business.
  • Enjoy our work. Our gratitude is reflected in our service to our customers, our families, and ourselves.
  • Improve our product and performance. We are proud of every project we produce.

Its principals, having roots in the hospitality business, are dedicated to providing service excellence and attention to detail through every step of the process.

Working in a constantly changing environment, we are dedicated to being knowledgeable of the most current information and applications. Taking it a step further, we apply what we know to ensure that we are “state of the art.”

StuWorld Media will step outside traditional boundaries to reflect the tone and nature of your business. We take pride in developing captivating scripts, selecting dynamic music, creating customized graphics, and providing the highest quality professional videography and editing.

When you look good, we look good! Cre8 and StuWorld Media can help you look good!

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